Wednesday, May 25, 2011

new blog!

Well, it's two in the morning and I've just started a blog. It's way to early to start uploading pictures, like I will soon, so I think I should just say what I intend to do here.

I tinker. A lot. And there are probably about four people out there who care about this. This blog is for them. I used to post pictures and whatnot on facebook, but I realize most people go there to look at pictures of me and my friends, not boring descriptions of what I'm building out of cardboard and Elmer's glue shoved awkwardly into the facebook picture viewer.

Luckily, it's the summer. This means that I am home from college and back with my set of tools and old projects. Fun begins now. (at least I hope so).
A short list of what may come soon:

-Restoration of a 1989 Panasonic WV-V3 Newvicon camera
-Completion of the cardboard matrix switch
-New case for/recapping of my Heathkit oscilloscope
-new case for Heathkit multimeter, MM-1, which met its fate off the top of a high shelf
-the long-delayed (hah) tape delay...
-restoration of a Selectric typewriter
-Construction of a "logic analyzer"

...and many more, which I have on a list which is not with me at 2:30 in the morning.
Stay tuned!

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